Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Master Bedroom Decor

One room at a time... I know from reading your blogs that I am not alone, in that I am constantly decorating and redecorating my home. My husband says we lose square footage because of all the layers of paint. HaHa!  I was having trouble finding just the right piece of artwork to go over my bed so I decided to do this stencil on burlap. It was super easy and inexpensive too.

I cut the stencil letters out with my Cricut machine. I think I saved enough on the stencil to pay for half of the Cricut. A frame, mat, and glass this size would have easily cost a couple hundred dollars so I bought a framed print at HomeGoods for $49.   I stenciled my word on the burlap, sprayed adhesive onto the back of the old print (you can always switch it back if you get bored with the new look) Put it back in the frame and that's it!

I had to share this wonderful GIANT clock that I also found at HomeGoods. The top handle was broken so I got it half price. It is about twenty inches tall. I love, love, love it!

Next project, the family room....I'll keep you posted

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A Cottage Muse said...

That is dreamy! Your photos are wonderful too! I must get to Homegoods...haven't been since before Thanksgiving!