Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Missing Teacup

I hope you can help me...find my missing teacup.  I was visiting Alaina's  post last week and mentioned my missing teacup.  She suggested that I reach out to all of you for help.

So, here's the story...
Several years ago, my fabulous Gramma, who is ninety one, gave me a set of  china that originally belonged to my Grandfather's Aunt. This isn't just any set of china, but an absolutely beautiful, (and aparrently rare) set.  It is service for twelve, including platters, dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, vegetable  dish, gravy boat, covered tureen, dessert bowls, sugar bowl and creamer, teacups, and saucers. It truly has everything.....except one teacup! The pattern is TK Thun #299. This is what she looks like...

I have tried for years but no luck

All of the pieces have this stamp

Some of the pieces also have this written in gold

I keep hoping I will run across a teacup in an antique shop and then the set would be complete but so far it hasn't happened. If you know anything about this set or can help in any way, I would sure be grateful.

I will be sharing this with Kathleen's White Wednesday

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A Vintage Vine said...

I hope you find out, that is a beautiful set!

{northern cottage} said...

oh my gosh - I'm so glad you came over for a visit....I LOVE your blog! Seriously swooning. yeah!

Pamela said...

Very pretty pattern.
I will keep my eye out here on the West Coast. There is a china consignment store that seems to have everything.
Have you visited the blog Nancy's Daily Dish? She is on my blogroll. She sells china , seems to have everything.

Southwest Cottage Designs said...

Lovely china history! I found you at White Wednesday and am your new follower. Happy Wednesday!

Alaina said...

I hope you find your tea cup. I only have one favor, can you fix the link to the one you have goes to some bed and breakfast.
I will do a post to help you look for the lost tea cup and link it back to your post too. Thanks for the mention.

Secret Garden Cottage said...

Oh, I sure wish I could help you. It's a beautiful set of china! How special that your grandmother gave it to you. I hope you find the missing tea cup.
~ Jo :)

Miss Gracie's House said...

NOPE, don't have any of that sure is pretty!
THANK YOU for the sweet anniversary wishes...we had a wonderful time together.